I heard it’s best to start with a plant.

A small plant, like an Asparagus Fern. I would always have an ice breaker for guests by explaining that despite the name, my plant does not grow asparagus and is not part of the fern family, but a perennial herb. The Asparagus Fern needs to be watered, placed in the shade and kept at around 70 degrees. I was told that being able to take care of a plant is the first step toward becoming an adult.

My Asparagus Fern died. I forgot to water it and let the sun pour in through open blinds.

Step two toward adulthood is owning a dog or cat. I skipped this step since the thought of rushing home to walk a dog, clean a litter box, or just keep a pet company did not fit my lifestyle. I only wanted to worry about myself.

 A while after my Asparagus Fern died and I didn’t buy an animal, I got married. Now I had to worry about two people. It turned out my husband, Josh, also had to be watered, placed in the shade and kept at about 70 degrees. Luckily, he could do these things for himself. I did have to hurry home to keep him company, but I didn’t mind. So, my life remained fairly carefree.

Soon after we got married, we had a baby girl. I’ll refer to her as the Dumpling. She needs to be watered way more than the Asparagus Fern, placed in the shade and stored at about 70 degrees. She also needs a lot of company. But, I don’t mind, even though things are not so carefree anymore. Maybe the lesson is that it’s best to start with a baby. Maybe now I’m ready for a plant and cat.

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