Monthly Archives: September 2017

External Flash, Internal Fog

I even made a special stop at CVS on my way to the event to buy extra memory cards for my camera. My bag was stuffed with all the photographic essentials. In just six months I learned how to shoot in manual, the basics of photoshop, and how to take the lens cap off before the first test shot.

Me, six months ago: “Why is the picture so dark?”

Random person: “Uhhh, your lens cap is still on.”

Me now: “Let me remove my lens cap first.” (take picture) “Not too bad for a first test shot.”

Random person: “Please don’t take my picture.”

Me now: “Sure, no problem. Now, where the hell did I put my lens cap?”

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A New Direction

In an effort to keep the momentum going with my writer’s block and chair re-upholstery procrastination, I’m taking up photography. I’ve always loved photography ever since I took it in high school. Back then I had a film camera and developed photos in the school darkroom. I loved it, but, I didn’t know what I was doing with my camera. I was intimidated whenever anyone spoke of apertures and shutter speeds. I just moved around the settings, manually focused and shot away. It’s amazing anything turned out. Continue reading