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Going on…

I had big plans to potty train the Dumpling last summer after she turned two. But, a lot of things got in the way. My parents had just moved back from Austin, Texas and I wanted the Dumpling to spend time with them without worrying about accidents. My dad was doing great last summer. My mom was on cloud nine, beyond thrilled to be back in the D.C. area. They were both really happy. Although, I don’t think my mom cared where she was as long as she was with the Dumpling.

One July day when I had a cold, my parents came over, picked up the Dumpling and took her out to lunch so I could rest. I remember watching all of their backs as they made their way to the car, her little body trotting along through our yard, arms reached up as she held my dad’s hand on the right and my mom’s on the left. It was one of those sights that forces feelings of warmth and goodness in even the most cynical heart. Last summer was a joyful, carefree time.

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